Welcome to Kriya Yoga NZ family!

When you first take initiation into Kriya Yoga, you will be given the option to join the Kriya Yoga association of New Zealand (KYANZ)  as a member.

The membership fee is as below:

$100 per year waged.

$45 per year unwaged.

You will be sent an invoice reminder annually.  If you are unable to pay, please let us know; we do not wish to place undue pressure on you.

By being a KYANZ member you will be able to register for Kriya events and retreats on a priority basis.

KYANZ activities include:

  1. In Person Weekly Group meditations
  2. Celebrating special events together
  3. Facilitates annual initiation programme in the presence of authorised monks (swamis)
  4. New Initiate Forum
  5. Annual retreats to intensify Kriya practice
  6. Refresher workshops
  7. Online satsang
  8. Organises public discourses and retreats in the divine presence of Paramahamsa Prajnanananda and other swamis from India, Australia and USA (This includes their airfares, venue bookings & refreshments)
  9. Kriya Yoga Book & DVD Sales
  10. Establishment of local centres
  11. Work towards an eventual New Zealand ashram

We rely entirely on contributions of dedicated members like you to sustain the teachings that you have enjoyed and practiced with love.

Thank you for joining us in our noble work to spread Kriya Yoga throughout the country.