The specialty of the Kriya Yoga technique is that it affects the simultaneous development of body, mind, and Soul in the shortest possible time.

Kriya Yoga is a relatively quick and easy non-sectarian path to reach higher states of consciousness and change your life by developing mind, body, intellect, and awareness of the soul.  Based on the science of breath, it provides a very powerful technique of meditation that greatly enhances all spiritual practice.

Kriya Yoga techniques are engineered for better living and are scientifically proven to increase vital life-force energies in the practitioner’s body.  Kriya Yoga enables one to develop a healthy brain, a keen mind, and a prompt understanding.  It assists daily activities in a profound way leading to a more healthy and successful life, with longevity.

Non-sectarian & Accessible

This technique can be practiced without any restriction of religion, ethnicity, creed or sex.  Any boy or girl above 13 years of age can practice Kriya Yoga; even an elderly person of 75 years or more can derive a good deal of benefit from it.

Kriya Yoga is the essence and synthesis of all yogic techniques taught in the world. However, the meticulous austerities and painful processes, which are associated with many traditional yogas, are totally absent in the Kriya Yoga technique.  It is accessible and suitable for householders.

No dietary restrictions are required for this technique.

Understanding Kriya

The word Kriya signifies that you live your life as directed from within through your perception of the soul, directing you through your brain to your proper activities. Without a soul, your brain cannot function. Without a soul, we would not get any thought or mood, and our body would be a dead body. So, it is necessary to remember that every thought comes from the invisible body, the soul within.

If you perceive that the indwelling Self is the sole doer in you, that God is activating and functioning within your whole-body system, then Self-realisation is attained.

Conscious realisation of one’s unity with the spirit is the goal of life, and, consciously or unconsciously, every person is trying to advance towards that end.  When we realise our unity with the universal Self – our own spiritual existence – we become one with the universe.

The science of Kriya Yoga is that knowledge which, when it is applied to the internals of man, allows him to realise his ever-present unity with God and perceive that whatever he is doing is done only by the power of God, activating his whole system and directing all of his activities.