By the regular practice of Kriya Yoga technique, one can get the simultaneous development of body, mind, intellect and soul. By magnetising the spine by a very simple way of Kriya practice, one can perceive the all-accomplishing divine energy in the body, which in turn hastens physical, mental, intellectual transformation and ultimately gives constant God-consciousness.


Overall Health Benefits

Physical healing, increase level of energy and better immunity.

By the regular practice of the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga, the entire human system is magnetised and energised in a very short time. All the internal organs like liver, pancreas, spleen, thyroid, pituitary, pineal organs are activated. They secrete necessary hormones and enzymes to keep the body fit. There will be sufficient blood circulation in the brain and spine for balanced supply of oxygen to every remote part of the body. The digestive system, gastro-intestinal system, cardio-vascular system, respiratory system, excretory system, nervous system, genital system, etc. become active and efficient.

Mind Control

Mental calmness, increased concentration, balancing of emotions, peace and joy.

Mind is the greatest blessing as well as a terrible human predicament. A regulated, controlled and channeled mind can give and fulfil all the expectation of human life, but if uncontrolled, it brings hell, miseries and sufferings.

The Kriya technique highlights the relationship between breath and mind. Breath influences mind and vice-versa. Their mutual relationship revealed the mystery of how to control the mind. Breath control is self-control, breath mastery is self mastery. Breathlessness stage is deathlessness stage that bring the state of samadhi, the realisation of the Absolute.

Kriya Yoga is based on a scientific breathing that pacifies the mind, slows the breathing process, and makes the breath flow inside the nostrils instead of outside. By the practice of Kriya Yoga the mind becomes in a short time calm, quiet and thoughtless.

Self Realisation

Self-realisation is one's birthright and the highest objective of human life. The power of God is ever present, but one is not able to perceive it constantly, in every moment, due to delusion, illusion and error.

Kriya Yoga enables constant soul-awareness, in every breath, in every thought and every moment. It quickens spiritual evolution and takes one to the door of spiritual realisation in a short time. Kriya Yoga meditation enables one to feel that God and His creation are one. Constant happiness, peace, bliss and joy will be the constant companions of one who practices Kriya Yoga.

Few words cannot explain or highlight the immense benefits of Kriya Yoga technique. The real path is perceived by the one who follows, practices and realises.